Welcome to The UnderClassy!

We broadcast live from Brighton, UK @13:00 on Wednesday. Listen to us live from anywhere in the world on URFonline.com.

We are a small group of under classy gentlemen looking to poke fun at today’s political landscape….with the odd moan or two. From a wide range of topics on the show to more serious and sound matters on our blogs, we hope you find something enjoyable, fun, and educational.





About the different blogs:

Cigars and Brandy

As the title suggests, this blog is refined in its thinking. You will find articles/opinion pieces about politics, war, and government in the sub-section, Heavy Topics. Although gentlemen do like to kick back and talk about lighter materials as they sip on their drink and puff that Cuban, the Cigars and Brandy section also offers lighter reading material such as movie reviews, poetry, cigar reviews, alcoholic beverage reviews. This can be found under the sub-heading Lighter side of lifeDon’t forget to check out the section Enlisted Life for hilarious stories from past military experiences and the photo of the week. If you wish to submit your story leave a comment on an article requesting so.


Hey guys, this section is called paradigm and for the geniuses among you this section will mostly be dealing with alternative ways of seeing popular news stories as well as seeing the world differently. It will have a mix of heavy and light-hearted stories as well as being a lobby for you to get involved and share what you think. There is no censorship here, and interaction is a must. I will also be posting weird thought provoking questions such as any awkward moments you would like to rewrite and if you could have a night on the town with anyone alive or dead who would it be.